SportsEngine Registration: Now Performance Baseball

Memberships- Sunday Program


Welcome to the Sunday Program Registration!

The Registration process for the Sunday Program is completed in 3 easy Steps. 


Step 1:  Log in or Create Sports Engine Account.  This is the tool we use to manage registrations, payments and communication.

Step 2:  Select or register a player

Step 3:  Make Payment. 


When signing up multiple players for the program you will need to complete the process for each player. 

Player 1:  When registering the first player you will click the box- This is the first or only player I am registering.

Player 2 or more: When registering the second player you will click the box- This is an additional player I am registering.


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Nik Edmondson

Phone: (916) 303-0587